Over the years Friends of Fuller Gordy Strikefest has honored many deserving recipients, who have worked consistently to improve their communities and the world. They are gifted with monetary awards and wider recognition. Besides the bowling competition and other activities, a highlight of a Strikefest evening is always the concert. Year after year, guests eagerly anticipate the rousing stage shows that round out the night’s activities. They’ve stomped their feet, clapped their hands and swooned to the artistry of Motown stars and others who have lit up the Strikefest Stage.

  • CHALLENGERS BOYS & GIRLS CLUB, President and CEO, Corey Dantzler was our 2015 FOF honoree. Challengers has positively impacted the lives of more than 40,000 youth, nearly all of whom live below the federal poverty level and come from single parent households.

  • Ms. BETTY LaMARR, President and CEO of EMPOWHER INSTITUTE, was honored on November 5, 2014. The organization has inspired and improved the lives of young girls and women since 2003. Through a series of uniquely designed programs, the organization encourages, educates and builds self esteem.

  • THE MENFORMATION PROJECT, INC., president, Mr. MARCUS FARROW. The organization mentors and helps direct the lives of boys, ages 8 to 17 years of age, by teaching the 21 principles of manhood. They have made outstanding achievements in the South Los Angeles community.

  • THE LEAGUE OF ALLIED ARTS, a 70 year old African-American women’s organization, financially assisting talented students of the Arts. Our FRIENDS OF FULLER support, helped the League, in jointly awarding a continuing scholarship to gifted Juilliard music prodigy, MR. KRISTOPHER BOWERS. 

  • TUDAY MINISTRIES, continues its mission of encouraging disadvantaged youth to strive for scholastic excellence. Founder, REVEREND WILLIAM MINSON, a Los Angeles resident, in the wake of the 911 attacks, traveled to New York City, to aid with the emotional healing of grieving 911 families and New York’s first responders.

  • GBC-GIVING BACK CORPORATION founder, KEN SAGOES. The organization seeks to promote educational goals among youth and strives to raise the standard of excellence, by encouraging youth to foster a more positive attitude, approach to life and interaction with the community.

  • THE RHYTHM AND BLUES FOUNDATION. Established in 1988, the foundation is the premiere organization, financially assisting ill and aging Rhythm and Blues artists, many of whom presently are facing daunting challenges in today’s economy. Over the years, the RBF has lived up to its motto — “Preserving America’s Soul.”

  • LITTLE MISS AFRICAN AMERICAN, founder, LISA RUFFIN, has developed an organization that helps to build self-exteem in young ladies, age 6 through 12. The LMAA program is presented annually, in a pageant where young ladies showcase their impressive “CAP” of Confidence, Awareness, and Pride.

  • MY FRIENDS HOUSE L.A., is a 501 © (3) non-profit human service organization, founded by MS.TIFFANY ROSE. They successfully provide life-sustaining staples, that provide food, clothing and encouragement to the homeless and economically disadvantaged, in Los Angeles.

FRIENDS OF FULLER (FOF) upholds the bowling and giving legacey of FULLER B. GORDY, business executive, mentor and caring humanitarian. It honors his legacy by recognizing individuals and organizations, who like Fuller, have established a track record of helping others and positively affecting our world.

Your continued support of FRIENDS OF FULLER B. GORDY is greatly appreciated. With your ongoing partnership, moving forward, we will continue to assist deserving humanitarians, while honoring the life and legacy of FULLER BERRY GORDY, through bringing together the Motown Alumni, fans and friends for an enjoyable entertainment extravaganza.

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past honorees

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While the first Strikefest was originally to be a one time celebration of Fuller B. Gordy and his legacy of bowling, giving and love, it was so wildly successful that Iris and Karla felt compelled to make it an annual event. That first year and each year thereafter, attendees have ended the night with glowing accounts of the evening’s events – some exclaiming how they’d just had more fun than they’ve had in years, others saying they wish they could attend the Strikefest at least once a month!

Photo by Gina Walker Photography

past events

In 2008, during a bowling outing, Iris Gordy thought of her beloved father and realized that bowling would be a most fitting way to honor his memory. She immediately shared the idea with her daughter, Karla Gordy Bristol and together they launched the first “FRIENDS OF FULLER STRIKEFEST!” 

It was a magical evening, featuring awesome performances by three incredible Motown artists, TATA VEGA, the late TEENA MARIE and the late ALI OLLIE WOODSON. The dynamic TATA VEGA kicked off the evening, with a rousing performance that seemed to send those watching, into a joyous delirium. TEENA and ALI then each captivated the crowd with inspired performances and soundly mesmerized the crowd with a sizzling rendition of TEENA and RICK JAMES’ classic hit, “Fire and Desire.”

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